Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well, had some issues with tracking the loads of laundry that one batch of laundry soap washes because the tick marks accidentally got rubbed off. I think that it does about 40 loads for about $2.80, which works out to about 7 cents a load.

I gave up on the baking soda and vinegar shampooing and the non deodorant deodorant. My hair was just too greasy and somedays the deodorant worked and others it didn't.

I just found out how to cook dried beans and make them taste good! its soooooooo easy, put 1 c of beans in a pressure cooker with about 3 C water (or more) then put the lid on cook @ 15lbs pressure for 10 minutes and they are perfect. Yay! I finally know what to do with that shelf of beans now! Plus bags of beans or tupperware filled with them take up so much less room than all of the cans in the pantry/laundry room.