Saturday, August 13, 2011

Homemade yogurt

I've been wanting to try making yogurt for quite a while now, and finally did it. I don't have any pictures, but maybe next time. I did the crockpot/blanket method and stashed it in a slightly warm oven to keep it out of the way and it turned out pretty good. Next time I will probably warm the oven a little more, but it is yummy. I used 2% milk and whole milk yogurt as the starter (that's what I had yogurt wise for the little one) with dry milk to thicken it. It turned out similar in texture to sour cream, but I strained some in coffee filters to thicken it closer to Greek style. When it was thick I stirred in some maple syrup, vanilla, blueberries, and grape nut cereal (no granola, so that's on the to make list). It was fabulous. I used less than $2.25 in ingredients and made 10 8oz jam jars of unstrained yogurt. I will probably continue to buy yogurt for the little one, but not for me and the rest of the family, unless its really cheap and then just the flavored ones for popsicles. Now I need to pick up some frozen fruit to mix into the yogurt...

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